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Carbon Target Shafts


Technical specifications:

Material: All carbon
Diameter: 9.3mm max
Straightness Tolerance:  ±0.0025″
Weight Tolerance: ±1 grain
Available Spines: 700, 600, 500, 400, 350
Uncut length (approx): 32.5″
Included components: Bulldog nock collar and pin nock adapter
Designed for: Indoor Target Archery
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Key features:

  • Designed with the needs of WA indoor archers in mind with all spines conforming to 9.3mm rule.
  • Ultra tough construction for high density indoor targets
  • Range of spine sizes to fit the setups of most target archers, compound or recurve!
  • Highly adjustable point weight system with screw in point weights for a better tune


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