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The Booster PRO Bow Upgrade kit is a 6 piece set up for any standard compound bow.

The Pro pack is a level up from the standard booster kit, as the components are higher quality and have more features.

If you have a bow without accessories or looking to purchase a bare bow, this great value pack will add on the other essentials you need on the bow.

Kit Includes;

Booster PRO Bow Sight

5 Pin sight allows you to set 5 different distances for your bow to shoot. The PRO sight also has tool-less adjustment, and fiber optic cables for the pins to make them more precise and easier to see. Comes with LED light to enhance the brightness of the fiber optic pins. Can be mounted in two different spots to accomodate different peep sights and draw lengths. Accompanied by a tubular peep sight to be installed in your bow string.

Booster Arrow Rest

A full brush containment rest – perfect for beginners and hunters as it holds your arrow firmly on nock, draw and release. Stays accurate for long and has cheap replacement brushes. Paired with a roll of d-loop material so that you can set the bow string up for use with a release aid.

Booster PRO Stabilizer

Hunting style stabilizer, the PRO is an aluminium body that adds weight to the front of your bow, giving you better balance and also takes the shock away from your shot and quiets the bow down. Also includes a PRO wrist sling.


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