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  • Blackout Arrows are at default 350 spine (rated for 60-75lbs), if you need this changed please let us know. Colours will vary depending on available stock. 30 Inch in length.
  • Bow case comes with an extra clasp, has a seal for airline travel and can be padlocked through the handle holes.
  • Release aid is adjustable in length, with a velcro wrist strap.
  • Cherokee broadheads weigh 125gn, but a 25gn collar can be removed from the thread. Please make sure you tune your bow for these broadheads before going hunting.


Everything but the bow!

If you’ve purchased, or are going to purchase a bow kit and want to give it a complete pack – upgrade it to a Field Ready kit!

  • 12x Carbon Blackout Arrows – Arrows are an essential part of archery, which is why picking a good quality pack within your budget is one of the most important parts of your set up. We’re supplying a matched dozen of our famous Carbon Blackout arrows to get you started, this will ensure you are on target with a durable and reliable lot of arrows.
  • Bow Case – Our super heavy duty bow case is designed with the sole purpose of protecting your investment. Arrow holders, Bow straps, Accessory straps, padding and tough clasps. You’ll see these at most ranges around Australia.
  • Apex Cap – Join the team! Send us a photo of you with your set up or hunting achievements for a chance to be featured on our social media pages.
  • Arm Guard – Because string slap hurts, make sure you wear your arm guard at all times.
  • Release Aid – A necessity for a modern compound bow. Eliminate string torque and get ultra consistent shots.
  • 6x Cherokee Broadheads – Premium Apex brand broadheads to complete your Field Ready kit.

The medium sized case is the same, but with a smaller case featuring 6 arrow holders instead of 12. You will still recieve 12 arrows and the rest of the kitting!

If you buy a bow at the same time as this kit, we’ll secure it and send it in the case for you, that way it is definitely safe when it arrives.


Let us help out and pick the necessities for you. Normally, after purchasing an RTS (Ready to Shoot) bow you will still need to get most, if not all of these accessories which end up inflating the cost of your purchase significantly. With the Field Ready upgrade, we have discounted the full set to give you the best possible value for this addition.

Remember: This kit is made to complete your bow set, you will need to ensure that you have the accessories to go on the bow. For example, any bow listed as RTS, RAK, RTH usually come with an accessory pack installed on the bow, in which case this upgrade will complete your set up!


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