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Expandable Broadheads RAGE X-TREME SHOCK COLLAR 20 PACK


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Rage Broadheads patented Shock Collar system is more than a cut above your standard O-ring system for mechanical blade broadheads.

The Shock Collars fix your blades in place and prevent them from prematurely deploying, so that your broadhead will only activate when hitting the target. No more bumping your arrow while stalking and having to reset the blades, the Shock Collars will ensure your quiver is kept lethal and ready to go every time.

The replacement Shock Collars pack includes 20 collars total, since the collar system is designed to break when the broadhead deploys correctly, it is important to put these replacements in your broadhead case.

Compatible with all X-treme and Hypodermic series Rage Broadheads.


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