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Fishing Reels


Quick Overview

The AMS Big Game Retriever Pro has a extra opening in the side of the reel above the handle. Now instead of tying the line to the inside of the bottle, the line can be doubled back and attached to a float or deep sea casting reel. Use the Big Game Retriever Pro to shoot those aquatic beasts that need room to run. When you hit your prey, let it pull all the line from the reel and take the float. Follow the float to it’s location and get in a second shot!  Big Game Mega Floats and BreakAway Arrows and Bolts not included.


Use this reel when your game might pull you overboard! It allows the end of your line to pull free from the reel while tied off to a tracking float or deep-sea bait casting rod and reel. Same great features as our Retriever® Pro with added features for Big Game:

  • Custom slot in reel face allows tying off to float ordeep-sea bait casting rod and reel
  • Pre-cut bottle slit for rigging line
  • Complete rigging and operation instructions
  • Safety Slide® Kit
  • 400# test line


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