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Oz Cut Broadheads present the 2 Easy Broadhead Sharpener.

Designed for ease of use, even the most inexperienced novice can now achieve shaving sharp broadeads in 60 seconds!
Featuring coarse/fine diamond stones, the sharpening system is able to provide a perfectly sharp broadhead, each and every time with minimal effort.
A must have for any Bowhunter!
Weight: 230gm
Dimensions:  100mm x 50mm x 25mm
Sharpening Instructions 
  1. Apply a light coating of oil to the diamond stones before use.
  2. Position Broadhead flat on the coarse side of the jig, ensuring all of the blade surface is touching the diamond stone and centred in the jig (as pictured below).
  3. Push forward with a moderate pressure in the one direction, ensuring the broadhead blade remains flat to the diamond stone.
  4. Repeat approx 10-20 times, until an even edge is achieved to the end of the bevel (Elite Series will show a full silver edge).
  5. Rotate the Broadhead and repeat with even amount of strokes and pressure on the unsharpened side. (Note the tanto tip is not to be sharpened)
  6. Repeat the above steps on the fine diamond stone, with minimal pressure and approx 10-12 strokes to achieve a polished finished on the cutting edge.
  7. Apply light coating of oil to sharpened Broadhead blades for longetivity of the sharpened edge whilst in storage.
  8. Enjoy your sharpened, ready to go Broadheads.
Please note: the ‘2 Easy” sharpening system is designed specifically for Ozcut 2 Blade Broadheads, however is also compatible with a large range of other brands 2 Blade Broadheads.


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