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Fletching Jigs


7 clamp inserts:
• Feather 2° Right & 2° Left. Max feather length 5″ (127mm)
• Vane 1° Right & 1° Left. Max vane length 5″ (127mm)
• Vane 3° Right & 3° Left. Max vane length 3″ (76mm)
• Vane Straight. Max vane length 5″ (127mm)

3 Fletch: 120°
4 Fletch: 90° or 60°x120°

The stainless steel base can be screwed to a work table as a single unit or as a multiple jig arrangement.

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Bohning’s brand new Multi-Fletcher Jig is the perfect Jig for someone looking to do it all! The Multi-Fletcher comes inclusive with 7 color-coded clamp inserts featuring different fletching angles, this is inclusive of every way you’d want to fletch.

Compatible with arrow diameters ranging from X10s to 27s and capable of doing 3 or 4 fletch with standard nock sizes. The rugged 16-gauge stainless steel base and durable composite clamps are acetone cleanable, to help remove adhesive residue. The distincitive snap lock clamp plate with inserts provide great adhesion force and stiff consistent angles, made compatible with feathers via feather inserts.


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