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Hoyt compound bow invicta 40 dcx rh 60#-cam#1 (25-27) 65% let-off blackout


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After many years of success with the Prevail series, Hoyt have levelled up with the all new Invicta compound bow for 2020. Amateur and Pro archers around the world are beyond excited to get this new machine in their hands; it isn’t just a brand flagship, it’s a new industry flagship.

What makes the Invicta so special?

If you’re a gearhead, we’ll break down the individual specs and features further down this page, for now here are the improvements Hoyt have made for the Invicta in a nutshell;

  • Longer riser design – Far more stable and balanced
  • Stealthshot string suppressor – Kills noise and vibration over 50% more effectively
  • Dual rest mounting holes – Lock down your arrow rest tight and square
  • New limb and limb pocket design – More rigid than previous installments
  • New DCX Cam option – The Invicta now caters to a wider range of archer preference
  • Adjustable cable guard bar – Tune clearance and torque to precision
  • Invicta Modular Grip – By far our favourite feature – fine tune your draw length and grip feel

Hoyt have essentially taken features from their most succesful bow ever, the Prevail, and turned the Invicta into an amped up system purely designed to hit the X. If we were to bet which bow would take out the most podium spots over the next few years, this would be it.

What’s the difference between models?

With two axle to axle lengths of 37 and 40 inches, plus two cam options in the SVX and DCX, there are basically 4 different versions of the Invicta to choose from (6 if you include the two let off options you can get the DCX cam in). The main factors to consider are speed vs comfort/balance; the geometry of the shorter 37″ bow allows it to fire faster, while the taller 40″ bows will feel more balanced and stable at full draw. The SVX cam is a powerhouse and will shoot faster, but it sacrifices a bit of comfort in doing so. The new DCX cam offers a more steady feel on draw and valley in comparison. Using this information as a guideline, here is a basic look at each model of bow’s abilities;

  • Invicta 37 SVX  The fastest configuration possible – lower comfort and higher holding weight.
  • Invicta 37 DCX (65%) – Smoother drawing, yet retains a high level of speed and high holding weight.
  • Invicta 37 DCX (75%) – Same smooth draw with a more generous holding weight, lower speed.
  • Invicta 40 SVX – Slower than the 37 but more balanced and stable from the extra length.
  • Invicta 40 DCX (65%) – Smoother drawing, yet retains a high level of speed and high holding weight.
  • Invicta 40 DCX (75%) – The most comfortable configuration possible – lower speed and lower holding weight.

Which Invicta is right for me?

If you’re scratching your head at these differences don’t sweat it! There are a few key things you can check to make sure you get the best Invicta setup. Follow these steps for our best recommendation;

  1. Draw Length – Check your draw length first as some models only cater to certain length ranges. If you are under 25.5 Inch draw length you can only shoot the 37. If you are above 30 Inch draw length you can only shoot the 40.
  2. Speed vs Balance – If your draw length is between 25.5 and 30 inches, you can pick either the faster 37″ or more balanced 40″. 3D archers who have to guess distance before shooting usually prefer more speed for a flatter arrow trajectory, that way if you guess the distance wrong you won’t miss by as much. Field archers such as IFAA and FITA competitors that shoot known distances sometimes up to 80 yards usually prefer the larger axle to axle bow for as much stability as possible.
  3. Speed vs Comfort – After selecting your bow length you just need to choose which cam works best for you. The SVX cam provides the most speed due to it’s aggressive angle and low let off, the DCX 65% is in the middle with a smoother draw but the same low let off to retain speed, and finally the DCX 75% gives you the most comfortable draw and holding weight but ends up being the slowest system. Picking between these is mostly personal preference and is the hardest decision for some, but you can use the same rules as step 2 for making the judgement call.

Invicta Shoot-Thru Technology

The unique and proven Shoot-Thru design incorporated in the Invicta riser noticeably increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent reaction of the bow as the arrow is released. It’s also engineered for optimized balance, making the bow easier to aim than traditional open-shelf bows for ultimate accuracy, more perfect scores and more podium finishes.

Invicta Dynamic Balance Design

The Invicta is built with our longest, most stable riser platform we have ever engineered. With a 2 ½ Inch increase in riser length, the Invicta is engineered with a lower center of mass, and greater moment of inertia for the most effective aiming and rock-solid hold of any target bow we have ever built.

Invicta Stealthshot Technology

Hoyt’s innovative and time-tested StealthShot™ string suppression system got upgraded with an all-new proprietary material to kill noise and vibration more than ever. In addition to crushing noise, the StealthShot also increases accuracy by providing for a cleaner, crisper release of the arrow from the string for a more forgiving shot.

Dual Rest Lock-Down Mounting Holes

The Invicta comes standard with two arrow rest mounting holes making it compatible with high-performance arrow rests which use two mounting screws for a super strong bond to the riser. Old-school arrow rests use a small set screw tightened against the riser as a second point of contact to secure the rest, leaving it vulnerable to being bumped and knocked out of position, not to mention leaving an ugly scratch on your bow. By using two mounting holes arrow rests can now be securely locked down to the bow for rock-solid consistency and accuracy.

Invicta Limbs and Pockets

The Invicta’s zero-tolerance pocket houses our all-new, high-performance parallel target limb system. This new limb design harnesses more power for significant increases in speed while also creating much less vibration, making for the quietest and smoothest shot experience of any target bow we have ever built. In fact, the Invicta has nearly 50% less vibration and noise, making for a shooting experience like no other.


The newest member of the tournament-proven Cam & 1/2 line up is our all-new DCX Cam. It is the perfect combination of smooth draw, firm wall, and wind-crushing speed with speed increases up to 13 Feet Per Second compared to prior year X3 model bows. The new DCX Cam is available in 65 or 75% let-off options with a built-in modular draw length adjustment system that features a removable rubber stop for an even harder wall.

Invicta Rear Stabilizer Mounts

Integrated rear stabilizer mounting locations allow for convenient use of a rear stabilizer to customize the balance of your rig for ultimate consistency and accuracy. Our unique design includes a secondary lock-down hole for bomb-proof, rock-solid mounting when used with the Hoyt Hard-Lock Rear Stabilizer Bracket.

Invicta Adjustable Cable Guard

The Invicta features an adjustable cable guard bar to help maximize your bow’s tunability and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings allow you to bring the cable guard as close to your arrow as possible without contact, helping to neutralize torque while maintaining perfect arrow flight. Internal locking teeth and two lock-down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.


The Invicta Series is available with the tournament dominating SVX Cam & 1/2. With a fixed 65% let-off and ultra-firm wall, the SVX Cam will keep you honest on the back wall and produce blistering speeds of up to 330 feet per second, significantly faster than prior year SVX model bows. The wall of the SVX can be adjusted for a slightly softer feel by removing the draw stop peg and washer from perimeter of the cam and putting the peg in the inner peg position, located near the hub of the cam.

Invicta Modular Grip

The Invicta features an updated grip system for improved comfort, flexibility and accuracy. The standard grip angle has been flattened for more optimized grip pressure and features an innovative, patent-pending modular grip system that comes standard with each Invicta bow. This system allows for two different kinds of adjustments. First, you can change the angle of the grip, choosing between the flattened angle of 0 degrees, +4 degrees for a medium wrist angle or +8 degrees for an even higher wrist angle. Once you have dialed in your preferred grip angle, you then have additional grip modules to match each angle but that shorten your draw length by 1/8″. Those archers looking to slightly shorten their draw length when going from indoor to outdoor or looking for that final adjustment to find that perfect spot, can now do so with a simple change of grip, without changing your tune or sight marks.


 Specifications Invicta 37 SVX Invicta 37 DCX Invicta 40 SVX Invicta 40 DCX
FPS (ATA) 330 324 325 316
Axle-To-Axle 37.25 Inch 37.25 Inch 40.25 Inch 40.25 Inch
Brace Height 7 Inch 7.375 Inch 7.25 Inch 7.625 Inch
Mass Weight 4.7lbs 4.7lbs 4.9lbs 4.9lbs
Draw Lengths* 23.5-30″ 24.5-30″ 27-32″ 25.5-31″
Draw Weights** 40,50,55,60,70lbs 40,50,55,60,70lbs 40,50,55,60,70lbs 40,50,55,60,70lbs

*Invicta bows are not adjustable from their minimum draw length to their maximum, each bow comes available in a few different cam sizes. If you need to reach a draw length outside of the cam size you purchase, you will need to buy a whole set of cams. This system creates more efficiency, so that every archer can achieve full cam rotation and get the maximum performance at any draw length.

**Invicta draw weights are sold as their maximum, but are adjustable down by 10lbs. For example, if you wanted a 50lbs bow with the intention of training up to 60lbs, you would need to buy the 60lbs version and wind it back. A bow with 50lbs peak weight will not adjust any higher unless you purchase a different set of limbs and install them.


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