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Hunting Compound Bows


  • IBO Rated speed – 300fps
  • Weight – 3.85lbs / 1.75kg
  • Axle to Axle – 30 Inches
  • Brace Height – 6.5 Inches
  • Let Off – 75%
  • Draw Weight – 30-70lbs
  • Draw Length – 19-31 Inches
  • Colours – Black and GC Camo
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The Gorilla compound bow is the archery partner you need! Capable of bowhunting and 3D or recreational target shooting – it’s a solid all-rounder in an unbeatable value package.

Do you want to step your game up while saving money? The Gorilla is packed with features you would expect from top end compound bows, yet it sits in a more affordable price range than most “entry level” setups. This isn’t a starter bow; this is a do-archery-properly bow.

We wouldn’t just throw comments around like that and leave you hanging, so here is the breakdown of the most unique features and why they are what every archer wants;

  • Gorilla Cage Riser – The world’s first “budget” compound bow to feature a riser cage. The opening at the top of the bow handle both sheds weight and disperses vibration. This feature is normally exclusive to bows well over $1000 but with new manufacturing techniques we can bring the Gorilla Cage to you for much less without sacrificing anything. The Cage riser differs between camo and black colour options due to differences in the finishing process.
  • Gorilla Grip – Our first hard moulded grip is perfectly contoured to fit your hand and makes this our most comfortable to hold bow to date.
  • Gorilla Dual Cam System – Double yoke cables let you tune to perfection while the large flat cable stops on the module provide an easy holding weight that can be pulled against nicely for consistent shooting.
  • Backbone Limb Dampeners – Installed shock absorbers reduce overall vibration output.


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