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Hunting Stabilizers


A steady bow means a steady shot!
Make your bow release more silent and stable with Apex’s rigid aluminium stabilisers.

Our long, skinny, heavy stabiliser design counter-balances your draw and gives an extra boost to your aim.

Improve your bow hunting experiences by making your bow more comfortable. Stabilisers give you two extra benefits – they reduce hand shock vibration in the bow, and they reduce the bow’s noise by absorbing excess kinetic energy from arrow release.

Apex Hunting’s rigid stabilisers have a CNC-machined lightweight aluminium exterior with a central vibration-dampening rod.

Which size? 8-inch or 11-inch stabilisers?

Essentially, it’s personal preference.
Longer stabilisers tend to be preferred by target archers.

Close-range bow hunters often prefer shorter stabilisers.
A short stabiliser can also be less nuisance in tight vegetation.


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