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Kids Archery Gift Sets


Draw Weight 19 – 29 LBS
Draw Length 24 – 26 INCHES
Weight 2.2 LBS (1 KG)
Let Off 65%
Axle to Axle 32 INCHES
Brace Height 7.5 INCHES
Cam System Dual Cam
Confuguration Right Handed ONLY
International Upgrade Holes? Yes
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Have you got a young one who is dead keen on shooting a bow and arrow? The Apex Hunting archery gift sets are the best way to introduce kids ages 6-14 to archery without breaking the bank. These bows are perfect for backyard fun and will teach your child the fundamentals of proper archery!

Each archery gift set comes with the bow of your choice (which already comes with accessories and arrows), and on top you get 5 Target Sheets and 12 Extra Arrows!

Not to be confused with toys like Nerf bows or suction dart shooters – all of the archery gift sets on our website are real bow and arrow sets that shoot at high speed and must be used safely.

Here is a complete look at the Champion II Elite 29lbs Compound Bow in the Kids Archery Gift Set;

  • 29lbs Champion II Elite Compound Bow – Ages 11-14
  • 1-pin aiming device – screws into the slot on the front of the bow to help point the bow at the target.
  • 1 screw in arrow rest – elevates and guides the arrow
  • 1 Arm Guard to protect the wrist holding the bow.
  • 1 Finger Tab to protect the fingers drawing the string back.
  • 1 Arrow holster with cut outs for belt attachment
  • 5 Target Sheets with self adhesive strips – attach to soft targets like hay bales or bags full of soft plastics.
  • 12 Fiberglass arrows with safety tips
  • 2 Bonus arrows that come packed in with the bow!


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