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String Silencers



Install on Cable Guard or String Stop to kill noise!

A smart bowhunter is a stealthy one.

There are plenty of string, limb and riser dampeners on the market, but one of the most overlooked parts of any compound bow that handles a lot of vibration and subsequent noise, is the cable guard or string stop.

The Cable Guard Slider gets ripped down the guard’s rod when your bow fires, while shock simultaneously travels through the bow and back through the guard on the other end. This vibration from both directions can leave your cable guard buzzing and creating unwanted noise before your arrow has even travelled one foot from your bow.

The String Stop already has a rubber dampener on the end to catch the string, but when you’re shooting 40, 50, 60, 70lbs and beyond that is a lot of force for just one dampener to handle. You also have shock coming from the riser of the bow like the Cable Guard has.

Game species in Australia, especially Deer, have been known to duck or jump from the sound of a bow firing, so it is essential that you make as little sound as possible when going after such tuned in creatures.

Many bow manufacturers have already noticed this occurance in compound bows, and include guard dampeners on their rigs out of the factory. But if you have a bow missing this crucial hunting silencer, make sure you get ahead of the curve and pick one of these up.


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