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Suzuki DF200A


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The world’s best 200hp outboard, the Suzuki DF200A features the largest displacement in its class.

Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection Standard
Offset driveshaft Standard
Suzuki anti-corrosion system Standard
Suzuki Lean Burn Control System Standard
Variable valve timing Standard
Two-stage gear reduction system Standard
Low oil pressure caution Standard
Fresh water flushing system Standard
Start system Electric or manual
Power trim & tilt Standard
Start system Electric start
Over-rev. limiter Standard
Speedometer pickup on gear case Standard
16-valve DOHC (dual overhead cam) design Standard
Maintenance-free timing chain Standard


Power and performance come at a cost, that being weight. So when it comes to selecting an outboard for your boat, the balance of power and weight becomes an important issue in making the right choice. Until now, powering your boat with a 200HP class outboard meant V6 power. That has all changed with Suzuki’s DF200A. With the DF200A, our goal was to build an outboard that provides all of the power and performance of a 200HP class V6 outboard using a lighter, more compact four-cylinder configuration. To deliver that level of performance our engineers used an inline four-cylinder engine with a 2.9-liter “Big-Block” displacement and a higher 10.2:1 compression ratio to generate impressive acceleration and low-end torque. A specially designed cowl and semi-direct air intake system were designed to provide cooler air to the tuned long-track intake manifold while a four valve per cylinder DOHC powerhead with Variable Valve Timing lets the engine breathe more efficiently increasing acceleration and top end speed. Added to that are a fuel injection system and Suzuki’s Lean Burn Technology for improved fuel economy.

The DF200A weighs 30kg less and is more compact than the V6 version. That, and its excellent balance when mounted on the transom make it the perfect choice for powering lightweight boats. It’s also great for breathing new life into older boats still rigged with lighter two-stroke engines, giving them the latest in four-stroke technology and economy without sacrificing on weight or power. Other features include a knock sensor, O2 sensor, and water detecting system to provide superior reliability. Found only on the DF200AP is Suzuki Precision Control digital control system, and Suzuki Selective Rotation for multi-engine applications. A convenient keyless start system that also functions as an immobilizer to help deter theft is available on the DF200AP.


The Suzuki Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent fuel delivery system that achieves remarkable improvements in fuel consumption making fuel-efficient four-stroke outboards even more economical. Monitoring engine performance and operating conditions in real time, the system uses the 32-bit onboard ECM to predict fuel needs and deliver a leaner, more precise fuel mixture across the outboard’s operating range. The results show significant improvements in fuel economy across the entire powerband, including the cruising range where the engine is used a majority of the time. Comparing the new DF200A with the
original V6 DF200, tests show up to a 19% increase in fuel efficiency mainly in the
cruising range (around 70% of its maximum speed).


The cover on the latest-generation DF200A has a modern upswept design giving it an innovative look. Underneath the looks though, the design is all about function. Incorporated into the cowl is a semi-direct air intake system that delivers cooler air directly to the engine’s tuned multi-stage induction module. Engines breathing cooler air are able to increase operating efficiency resulting in greater acceleration and top-end speed. The cover’s design also helps reducing the temperature inside of the engine with ports that allow the rotating flywheel to push warm air inside of the cover to the outside.


Shaft length X: 635mm (25″)
Starting system Electric
Weight X: 240kg
Engine type DOHC 16-valve
Fuel delivery system Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
No. of cylinders In-line 4
Displacement 2,867cm3
Bore x Stroke 97mm x 97mm
Maximum output 147.0kW
Full throttle operating range 5,500–6,100rpm
Steering Remote
Oil pan capacity 8.0 litres
Ignition system Fully-transistorised
Alternator 12V 44A
Engine mounting Shear mount
Trim method Power trim & tilt
Gear ratio 2.50:1
Gear shift F-N-R
Exhaust Through prop hub exhaust
Propeller selection (pitch) 17″–27.5″
Fuel minimum 91 (RON) octane


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