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Takedown Recurve Bows


Samick Sage specs

AMO Length: 62 Inch

Actual String Length: 58 Inch

Brace Height: 7.25 – 8.25 Inch

String: Dacron

Riser: Laminated Olive Dymondwood and Hard Maple

Limbs: Hard Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass.

Arrows: Blue aluminium for 40lbs and under, black aluminium for 45lbs and higher.

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The Samick Sage Beginner Recurve bow kit comes action packed with everything you need to start archery!

With all of the essentials covered the Beginner Recurve bow kit is perfect for new archers whether it’s a treat for you or a gift for someone else. Putting all of your gear together can be difficult and confusing, so when you purchase this kit you can trust the team at Apex Hunting to do it for you. To top it off, buying the beginner kit will also save you over $50!

The best value for money recurve starter kit for the Samick Sage bow is right here, but for those archers who want the extra performance, flair and quality, we also sell a Deluxe kit separately.

Samick Sage Beginner Recurve Kit Gear List

  • Samick Sage – A takedown recurve bow with the most online reviews for being the best in value starter bow.
  • 12 x Aluminium arrows  –  30 Inch Blue Aluminium arrows.
  • Bow bag – Store all of your kit here, padded for protection.
  • Bow stringer – Always use to assemble your recurve bow.
  • Arm guard – Protect your bow arm, because string slap hurts!
  • Finger tab – Protect your shooting fingers and provides a clean release.
  • Arrow rest – Stick on to elevate your arrow from the shelf of the bow, giving you a more accurate shot with less hinderance.
  • String wax – Maintain your bow string from fraying. Apply before most sessions in moderation.
  • Nocking clip – Press onto the string with pliers to create a consistent nocking point for your arrow.

With all of this equipment combined you are ready to hit the range.

Apex Hunting Recommendations

While this full kit will give you everything you need, archery itself is quite challenging and you will need to do some research on what bow size is right for you, how to shoot and also where to shoot. Here are a few recommendations that will help you kickstart your hobby;

  • Local to Apex Hunting – Drop in to our store! We can size you up, show you how to assemble your bow and shoot it.
  • Live near an archery club – We always recommend shooting at a range to get more long term coaching on technique and form, a senior member should also be able to help you with sizing. You may want to go in before buying a bow, or contact us for advice on sizing so that you can get your bow kit before going for coaching.
  • Don’t live near either – We have helpful videos on our youtube channel for setting up a takedown recurve bow as well as finding if you are left or right handed.

Extra Gear

Now that the basics have been covered, you may want to add on a couple of items to make life on the range easier. We would highly recommend purchasing a hip quiver if shooting at a club, or a foam/bag target if shooting at home.

**We may swap out some gear in the kitting for similar items of the same or more value to ensure efficient shipping times


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